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The scientists at Future Tense Ltd. have more than 30 years of experience in the development of agrochemicals. He directed the development of many products and applied for patents in the fields of pesticides, plant nutrition, and post-harvest treatment.  

Many of these products were transferred to other companies, but some are sold directly by Future Tense Ltd.


Ductil-D is silicate containing surfactants,

enhancing the activity of several pesticides.


Bio-D is an efficient manganese and zinc fertilizer.

It is active against several prominent fungal diseases.



Dentamet (31) is a zinc and copper fertilizer combination that is active also against a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases. Dentamet is also an excellent product for post-harvest treatment.


Quadro-Chel is an efficient microelement fertilizer, approved for organic farming.

AZN is a zinc and potassium fertilizer which brings both elements in time of need for the relevant crops.

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