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"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops,

but the cultivation and perfection of human beings"

Masanobu Fukuoka

Producers and growers of agricultural products are exposed to a vast amount of risk factors. We, at Future Tense Ltd. find ways to mitigate some of the risks, mainly of biological nature, pests and diseases, in originally conceived solutions that consider the environment and are often less expensive than other solutions.

We, at Future Tense Ltd., generate ideas, protocols and products to overcome predicaments in agricultural crop cultivation. We find ways to improve the efficiency of agricultural systems by finding simple yet potent chemical agents to invigorate crops and enhance crop cultivation. It is one of the company's pillars and conviction, that simplicity can and does breed excellence, also in this field.

Future-Tense Ltd. is not bound to traditional research strategies or funding rituals. Therefore its products may be different than products that were designed in the traditional way: simple on the one hand yet sophisticated on the other hand. 

Future Tense's offices and labs are located in a rural part of Israel, 30 minutes north of Tel-Aviv. The company manufactures some of its products in various locations worldwide, while some of its products are offered for licensing or sale as IP.


We employ innovative concepts in the development of products that nurish, protect and increase the yield of crops


Future Tense developed products that are sold in over 15 countries worldwide


Future Tense continues to develop original products for the agricultural market


Future Tense Ltd. offers its research and development infrastructure for companies

Meet our founders

Our team includes patent attorneys and interns with extensive experience in the field of intellectual property, as well as administration, finance and marketing professionals.


The firm’s staff manages the intellectual property applications with advanced technological means that allow it to grant our clients high-quality service and a short response time and is responsible for communications with patent authorities and colleagues in Israel and around the world.


In addition, our team keeps constant track of the progress of the proceedings in patent and intellectual property applications registration and constantly updates our clients on the status of their application.


Dr. Yoram Tsivion

Scientist, inventor and patent attorney, founder and manager of the patent firm and Future Tense Ltd. Yoram is an agronomist and has a PhD from the Hebrew university in Biochemistry and Plant Physiology. Working in this specialized field, Yoram continuously developes environmentally friendly fertilizers and pesticides, as well as software.

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Elda Tsivion

CFO and Business Development Manager of the Dr. Tsivion patent firm and the FTIP software and CFO of Future Tense Ltd. Elda is a software engineer holding a degree in business administration with an expertise in software assimilation and integrating new work processes in companies.

The scientists at Future Tense find ways to improve

the efficiency of agricultural systems by

simple yet potent chemical agents that invigorate and enhance crops.

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