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Products in Development

As an innovation-driven company, Future Tense puts a lot of effort in developing new products, based on its original design concepts.

In addition to the mature products available on the market, we have several products which are at various levels of development.

We are looking for companies who are interested in expanding their portfolio of products, by licensing or in a complete transfer of intellectual property.

We also offer our development and formulation capabilities for companies who are interested in acquiring innovative solutions without being involved in the complex development process.

Environmentally-acceptable soil disinfectants and pesticides

The phase-out of alkyl bromides and organic phosphorus soil pesticides significantly reduced our ability to disinfect soil and fight soil-residing pests. We identified this urgent need for efficient yet environmentally friendly products, and created several products to fill the void. One of these products was sold to a third party and is in the last stages of world-wide registration. We continue to develop additional products for this important market: VNX VNX is a pesticide based on a blend

Dentamet family

The Dentamet family of micronutrient fertilizers is expanded with new components, as well as added biological molecules. These combinations result in increased potency against various pests.

Organic chelates

We develop special chelates which are suitable for organic agriculture, including an iron chelate.

Innovative chelates

We are developing innovative chelates and chelate mixtures. Our vast experience in this field enables us to quickly devise and formulate various chelates, tailor made to the clients’ specific needs.

Desiccants and defoliants

Defoliation and dessication are a common practice in many cultivated crops, such as cotton, soy and potatoes. Most chemicals used for this purpose are extremely poisenous and harm the environment. We propose alternatives which are much safer, while still providing the needed effect.

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