Products in Development

As an innovation-driven company, Future Tense puts a lot of effort in developing new products, based on its original design concepts. In addition to the mature products available on the market, we have several products which are at various levels of development. We are looking for companies who are interested in expanding their portfolio of products, by licensing or in a complete transfer of intellectual property. We also offer our development and formulation capabilities for companies who are interested in acquiring innovative solutions without being involved in the complex development process.

Dr. Yoram Tsivion

Dr. Yoram Tsivion holds a Ph.D from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in the field of Biochemistry and Plant Physiology. Since he established Future-Tense Ltd., Dr. Tsivion continues to explore and develop new ways to pursue new conceptual strategies.

Patent and IP Office

Dr. Tsivion is also a Patent Attorney and a Consultant, He also acts as the CEO of a patent and IP firm, that deals among other tasks with Future-Tense's intelectual property matters.

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