Future Tense develops, produces and licenses a wide range of fertilizers, pesticides and crop health promotion products that nourish, protect and enhance crops production for the agriculture sector.
 Future Tense - Fruits of Innovation.

We believe that most agrochemicals used today could be replaced by products that are better for the environment, and just as effective

Our Vision

We believe that scientific and technological innovations are the key processes in enhancing the quality of world’s agricultural output while maintaining a healthy environment. We develop innovative concepts and “agents” to enhance crops by fighting disease, supplying the nutrients needed for the plants, or doing both simultaneously. Some of our agents are self-reconstructing after fulfilling their initial task, transforming them into environmentally acceptable materials or different active materials.
We contribute to the goal of decreasing the amount of harmful chemicals released into the environment.

Future Tense Ltd. has accumulated years of experience in providing original products and solutions to various problems in the field. Future-Tense sells its IP and products to various agrochemical companies around the world, and invites other companies to take advantage of the company's products. Dr. Tsivion Patent and Intellectual Property office handles the intellectual property of the company.



Dr. Yoram Tsivion

Dr. Yoram Tsivion holds a Ph.D from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in the field of Biochemistry and Plant Physiology. Since he established Future-Tense Ltd., Dr. Tsivion continues to explore and develop new ways to pursue new conceptual strategies.

Patent and IP Office

Dr. Tsivion is also a Patent Attorney and a Consultant, He also acts as the CEO of a patent and IP firm, that deals among other tasks with Future-Tense's intelectual property matters.

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Contact Us

Tel: +972 [4] 6371421 Fax: +972 [4] 8548837
2 Ha-Tochen st. P.O Box 3148
Caesaria Industrial Park 38900 ISRAEL
Email: info@ft-chem.com

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